How Pricing Works

Our prices are based upon three elements weight, volume, and additional labor.

Items Weight

We have three different price lists for the weight of the items that we are removing. A Light load is usually household junk, a heavy load is often wood/construction debris, and a bed load is concrete/bricks.


We break our 19 cubic yard truck up into 12 separate price points. We charge solely based upon how much space the junk takes up in our trucks.

Additional Labor

Additional labor rates per crew may apply only when there are stairs present, long loading distances, demolition, or disassembly.

Light Load Pricing

Items that are considered under the light load pricing are household debris, general garbage, and furniture.

Heavy Load Pricing

Wood, construction debris, roof shingles, mixed concrete, tiles, and other items alike are under the heavy load pricing.

Bed Load Pricing

Concrete, bricks, and anything else that is abnormally heavy is under the bed load pricing. Our trucks allow you to fill it with heavy recycle-able material to the following dimensions (16ft, 8ft, 1ft). Additional labor fees may apply to this pricing.

Demolition Pricing

For demolition, we charge hourly. Our crew will estimate the time it will take for the demolition to be competed and pricing can decrease in the event that the job takes less time than initially quoted. If the job takes longer than anticipated there is no need to worry because we will never charge you more than quoted.

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